Deposit Bonds

Worrying about your cash deposit? No worries,
we'll help you arrange a deposit bond.

When you are purchasing a property usually you are expected to pay a cash deposit of up to 10% of the purchase price at the time of exchanging the contracts. A deposit bond is a form of a guarantee you may like to use if you do not have your cash deposit ready or if you do not want to use your own savings until the settlement date.

A deposit bond can also be a handy tool to purchase a property off-the- plan, at an auction or if you have found your dream home at a time that you are still not ready with your cash deposit. Arranging a deposit bond is easy. But it requires you to prove that you will be able to settle the property when it is due.

We can arrange a short-term or a long-term deposit bond for a fraction of the cost of the deposit required to secure a property.

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