Vehicle and Asset Finance

Maximise your tax benefits available under various funding options!

Vehicle hire purchase, leasing or equipment finance. When you are purchasing or leasing a car, commercial vehicle, truck, earth moving, construction, manufacturing or agricultural equipment or any other asset, it is best to speak to your accountant or a suitable professional FIRST to maximise your tax benefits available under various funding methods.

The biggest mistake we do is asking the interest rates instead of the monthly or weekly repayment figures when we are looking to purchase a vehicle or equipment. With our powerful tools we can show how even a 0% interest rate funding offer from a dealer could be more expensive than obtaining your funding from an outside source.

Most car or equipment dealers have access to only one or a limited number of lenders. When you are limiting yourself to one lender you are also limiting your funding options. Most of the time, when a client negotiates a good deal on the car price they will try to recover some of that cost from the finance. It is just one tricks of the trade where a lot can be happening without your knowledge. Therefore, you may want to give us a call to compare apples with apples or to choose from a panel of 12 lenders.

We may also be able to find a cheaper option to refinance your existing vehicle or asset loan/s.

Please complete the following form to discuss how we can assist you  with your vehicle or equipment finance, hire purchase or leasing requirements.


I was about to purchase a brand new vehicle from a dealer. The Finance Broker at the dealer’s office gave me their best repayment figure as $605/month. I was very lucky that I contacted Jay just before signing the finance application with them. Jay took some details about me and the vehicle and came back with an offer, which finally worked out to be almost 10% less than the figure I was quoted.

I did not have to think twice but continued with Jay and he obtained finance approval for me in less than 24 hours of signing the paperwork. I collected the vehicle on the following day and Jay made it a seamless process. I recommend Dreamhouse Investments to anyone who is looking for a better deal, or to compare their car loan repayment figures with other providers in the industry.

Thank you for your prompt assistance Jay. You’ve done a great job and saved me $2,700!

Elvin Chapman