When our client is a happy winner we call it the pride of experts! Please see following compliments from our clients.

Dear Jay, first of all myself and Francis want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work that you have done for us in order to make this brand new investment property achievable.

As you know today we had the settlement for this property. As you also know, this is our first investment property and our next step would be to find a good tenant for these two units. All the above attachments are of the Unit 1 property and the last three pictures are for the unit 2 property.

Whenever time permits will you be able to keep an eye out for a good real estate agent that we can depend on without running up and down to Queensland.

Once again thank you so much, we really appreciate all the work that you have done to make this achievement for us!

Bernie & Francis, NSW

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We found Jay through our investment adviser when we were purchasing our first investment property. During our initial conversation with Jay we immediately realised that we can do much better with our monthly cash-flow by restructuring our finances. With his assistance we consolidated all our debts and refinanced our car loan to a much lower interest rate. We saved a lot more money than expected from our monthly repayments to fund our new investment property. Jay also arranged another loan for us to renovate our home.

We cannot thank Jay enough for the hard work he did to ease our finances enabling us to invest in another property. We immensely benefited from his expertise in the trade and highly recommend him to anyone as a resourceful confidante to improve their cash-flow position or wealth creation outcomes.

Otto & Foa Nelson, NSW

I was about to purchase a brand new vehicle from a dealer. The Finance Broker at the dealer’s office gave me their best repayment figure as $605/month. I was very lucky that I contacted Jay just before signing the finance application with them. Jay took some details about me and the vehicle and came back with an offer, which finally worked out to be almost 10% less than the figure I was quoted.

I did not have to think twice but continued with Jay and he obtained finance approval for me in less than 24 hours of signing the paperwork. I collected the vehicle on the following day and Jay made it a seamless process. I recommend Dreamhouse Investments to anyone who is looking for a better deal, or to compare their car loan repayment figures with other providers in the industry.

Thank you for your prompt assistance Jay. You’ve done a great job and saved me $2,700!

Elvin Chapman

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My Husband and I feel very lucky to have had Jayantha as our mortgage consultant. Jayantha is professional, very well presented and he is able to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of the mortgage system. He made the whole process very easy and smooth and above all he helped us to choose the correct product that suited the needs of my husband and myself.

Jayantha formulated a strategy and shopped around until he found us a product that would save us many thousands of dollars, enabling us to pay off our home loan much sooner than we expected.

We will definitely recommend Jayantha to any of our friends or relatives who are looking for any aspects in the field of mortgage.

We take this opportunity to thank Jayantha from the bottom of our hearts for his great work and continuous assistance.

Lloyd and Shiromi Jayalath

I have had the pleasure of working with Jay Gangoda for over 15 years. I met Jay when he started his mortgage broking business in 2001. Since that time I have had the opportunity to observe and discuss his business. I can say, without a doubt, that he has worked extremely hard over the years to build a strong business. Jay is continually working on new opportunities to benefit his existing clients.

His commitment is outstanding and he works tirelessly to give them a good selection of  options to choose from. Once you become a client of Jay’s, it is for the long term.

Gail Stevens

Director, Training and Development

GLS Management Pty Ltd


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A friend recommended Jay to us in 2010. When we built our home Jay proposed a clever loan structure that was most suitable for our family at the time and into the future. Being an analytical person, I have tested Jay’s mortgage reduction strategies and products on few occasions and found that he has always been ahead of the game. He has been very generous with his time and clearly demonstrated how his strategies would work with the numbers and logic behind them. His professional and genuine nature is highly admired by many of our friends referred to him over the years. We are now on our way to pay off our home loan much faster than we thought. Thank you Jay for all your help.

Lalith & Chandra Kuruwita

North Ryde, NSW

Jay got introduced to me by one of my friends and I thank him for that. From the day I met Jay he has been very supportive and listening to what we were saying and what we were trying to achieve. He always have the knowledge of the products recommended and tailored as per our needs. He has always saved money for us by getting the best interest rates in the market and giving comparison of the products. He saved us lot of time by doing the research and suggesting the right product instead of us going around lenders. I thank Jay for all his efforts and always happy to recommend him for anyone looking for a strategy to pay off their home loan quicker.

Hara & Priya
West Hoxton NSW

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Jayantha helped me get the finance to buy my first home. He was recommended to me by friends. He made the whole process very easy and smooth. He is through and prompt. He continually went above and beyond with his efforts.

I did not have to worry or concern myself with the settlement and for that I am very grateful.

If at any time I come across another person seeking Jayantha’s kind of professional assistance I will go out of my way to recommend his services. Thanks again Jayantha.

Jeniffer De Sayrah